Monday, September 23, 2013

Not Your Mother's Corduroy

Yet, in fact, it is.  I had the good fortune two weeks ago to receive a care package full of lovely hand-me-down clothes from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane, Washington.  The wonderful items in the box included skirts and sweaters and a couple of pairs of dressy shorts. A pair of wide-wale corduroy shorts by Liz Claiborne’s LizSport collection caught my immediate attention.  They were gorgeous, with adorable tailored cuffs and deep, velvety wales.  I asked Joyce what she used to wear with them.  Dark blue tights came the reply.  Hmmm.  That sounded like a nifty idea: appropriate for a cool-ish September day, a bit flirty and… right up to the moment.  But did I even own a pair of indigo stockings?

Turns out I did, neatly rolled up in my pantyhose drawer, along with some other colors I’d long forgotten.  The opaque JCPenney stockings were just like new. I couldn’t believe my luck. I plucked a fitted, tie-dyed top by International Concepts (I.N.C.) from its hanger; a little gem I picked up on sale at Macy’s a couple of years ago.  What better to pair with wide-wale corduroy than 1970s-style tie-dye?  Since I am not one for wearing anything sparkly during daylight hours, especially to work, I covered the crystal-embellished neckline of the Tee with a dark blue scarf that had belonged to my grandmother in the 1960s.
These unusual earwraps
wind around the back of
the ear so they feel
weightless all day long
yet appear to emanate
from multiple piercings

I finished my outfit with cute black booties by Pink & Pepper and a woven black leather belt, and added some silver filigree earrings that were a birthday gift from my cousin Ruedi a couple of years ago. I further adorned  my earlobes with some fun gold- and silver-metal ear-wraps by Louise Devery that called to me at the Maryland Home & Garden Show earlier this year (see Show).

It was a fine September day on which I chose to rock my “new” corduroy shorts.  At a board meeting I attended in my role as vice president of the friends group for Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area that evening (, the president herself complimented me on my choice of attire.  Seems I’m not the only one who loves the vintage look.

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