Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Watermelon Roses

There is a pigment in the color wheel that is neither red nor pink.  I call it “watermelon”.  I see this luscious hue in nature from time to time, such as in the blossoms of a crepe myrtle in a yard on my street, which boast the most intense rendering of this shade I’ve ever seen. As in the roses on this lovely, sheer wrap skirt and perfectly matched knit top by Sarah Arizona, both hand-me-downs I received last week in a surprise box from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane. 

When I opened the package and discovered the gems inside, I could hardly wait to create outfits from them all, but this set was especially alluring.  Alas, the weather in my corner of the mid-Atlantic United States last week was sweltering. There would be no sweater-wearing on such dog days of summer, waning though they may be. This week, however, has brought welcome change.  My autumn decorations have all been set out and I am reveling in the arrival of chilly nights and cooler days.  I have happily resumed my three-season ritual of sipping a mug of piping hot tea before bed while sitting in front of a crackling fire in the dining room of my ancient farmhouse with one, or more, cats on my lap.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I start celebrating its arrival as soon as I can, even though the autumnal equinox will not officially arrive until Sunday afternoon – at 4:44 p.m. (but who's counting?).

In this photo, the gems look red, but
they are actually a rosy watermelon
Watermelon can be a difficult shade to coordinate. That’s why I was especially excited to finally have such beautiful garments to pair with a necklace and earrings that belonged to my mother in the 1950s.  The interesting set of curved Lucite shapes set in silver metal with rhinestones and ruby-toned crystals are examples of old-style costume jewelry at its art-deco finest, but were eternally hard to match.  Neither pink nor red, there were very few items in my closet I could pair with the unusual tint. To complete my outfit, I chose strappy black heels by City Streets and a bracelet-watch of filigreed silver metal that I found while awaiting a flight in the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport years ago. 

Thanks to my wonderful “mom”, I now have the perfect attire for my cherished heirloom trinkets.

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