Friday, October 5, 2012

Ember Update

A number of friends and readers of my blog have requested an update on my rescue kitty, Ember – along with more pictures! I am most happy to oblige.
Elfie and Ember play in boxes
Underfoot, Ember and Elfie love the sunporch
You will recall that Ember was set on fire by a juvenile delinquent in Baltimore City a little more than a year ago when she was only five months old. Her ears were burned off and she almost lost her tail, her injuries were so severe at the base of her spine. Little Ember underwent a number of surgeries from last August through May of this year, continued efforts to close the gaping burn wounds down the length of her back where the lighter fluid poured on her was set ablaze. The young man who perpetrated this evil deed was identified but never prosecuted.
Elfie and Ember have a morning nap
Ember watches the "Squirrel Channel"
Ember plays with her toys
As the kitten recuperated from her surgeries in foster care, I was asked if I might consider giving Ember a permanent home once her wounds healed. Following an interview and inspection process I was approved as Ember's new Mom, and officially welcomed Ember into my menagerie on April 8 (see my posts of 4/8/12 "Introducing Ember" and after one of her surgeries on 5/14/12 "Ember Returns"). 
Autumnal Ember

While Ember was wary of my two feline family members, Underfoot and Lightfoot (Elfie), for several weeks after her arrival, eventually all of my four-legged occupants settled into a routine and I am happy to report that everyone is getting along very well now, with mealtimes, playtimes and naptimes taken together more often than apart these days.
The chow line in my basement
Is Ember a Bombay?
With her sleek black fur and diminutive anatomy, there is speculation that Ember is a Bombay breed, but the purity of her lineage matters little to me.  She has an affectionate personality and she brings indescribable joy to my life.  That is more than enough.

As I write this, little Ember is back at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), undergoing what is hopefully her very last burn surgery. She is a good patient, willingly climbing into her carrier for the ride to the vet and bouncing back from each procedure quickly and with renewed vigor and joie-de-vivre. I can only hope the outcome of today’s treatment will be the same.
Ember dabbles in network support
Ember and Elfie play beneath my printer

I’ve had a steady stream of visitors in the past few months who have stopped by to meet my little wonder kitty and I am happy to say that dear friends of mine, Mary and Klaus, eagerly pronounced themselves Ember’s "god parents" (should anything ever happen to me) as soon as they met her for the first time. Everyone is amazed that Ember holds no animosity toward humans and, in fact, runs to the front door to greet whoever comes knocking. Ember doesn’t recoil at the sight of a candle flame nor at my blazing fireplace, so perhaps those early memories are deeply buried now. 
Ember and Underfoot square off
at the water fountain

Underfoot and Ember on my lap
She has endeared herself to my kitties and to all who meet her, so sweet is the countenance of my little Ember. And while her melted ears and thin stripe of white fur down the length of her jet black body (where the accelerant left a singed trail) no longer define Ember’s mien, I can’t help but hope that all memory of her horrific kittenhood has been, or soon will be, erased by the loving environment in which she now resides.
Ember and Underfoot nap together
All three kitties on my lap at once!!

Once Ember has healed from this final surgery, I will sign the paperwork officially transferring ownership from BARCS to me. She will be my sole responsibility from then on. It is a happy ending for this little girl, which would not have been possible without the heroic efforts of the tireless folks at BARCS. Please find it in your hearts to make a small donation If you can in furtherance of their good works (BARCS Donations). Ember and I, and the rest of my beastly household, thank you!
Elfie (in the sink), Underfoot and Ember help with the laundry
P.S. I am relieved to report that Ember is now home safely from the hospital and is resting in her recovery room upstairs.  She will be on pain meds for four days, antibiotics for ten, and in isolation from my other two cats for a week.  She'll wear a protective collar to keep her from biting at her stitches, which will come out in ten days. 

As soon as Ember emerges from her anesthetic fog, her first post-op meal will be a can of premium quality, organic, grain-free cat food by Instinct, a special gift from her godparents. Hopefully, Ember has endured her last traumatic ordeal and will live a happy and contented life with me for the rest of her days.

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  1. Every word was written with joy and love. Your fairy tale should be published for little kids, complete with your pics. Ember, Underfoot, Elfie and you will now live happily ever after. x0x,
    PS My girls, Baron & Blue, will make a nice donation to BARCS in the names of you four friends!