Monday, May 14, 2012

Ember Returns

I was ecstatic Saturday morning to welcome my sweet little rescue kitty, Ember, home from her three weeks of post-surgery recuperation at the foster-care facility. Ember underwent what was hopefully the final surgery in a long string of procedures designed to repair and close the severe wounds inflicted upon her tiny, four-pound body when she was doused with lighter fluid and set afire about nine months ago by a juvenile in Baltimore city.

Surgeons were able to close all but a small portion of the gaping wound on her back, and almost all of the sutures were removed Saturday before she was delivered back to my doorstep with instructions to allow her to romp and play with my cats and her toys to her heart’s content, as her two weeks in a post-surgical isolation crate have finally come to an end.

Indeed, Ember seems happier and more at peace this time – perhaps there was chronic pain before which has subsided now that she is all stitched up. In any event, I am very happy to have her back in my loving care. As for my two current occupants, Ember seems more friendly to them this time around, not quite so guarded and defensive as before. Ember is still not ready to engage in play, but she is running all over the house exploring every nook and cranny without regard to the whereabouts of other four-legged inhabitants now, which I take as a positive sign. When she comes across one of my two, Ember just scoots right past them with only a tiny snarl or hiss instead of the prolonged warnings she broadcast the last time she was here.

I am very pleased with this marked improvement in the feline relations of my household, and am delighted to have Ember back in my home and in my heart.

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  1. Ember's so happy to be home and in your arms that I can hear her purrs and see her kneading your bare arms!