Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maryland Home And Garden Show

Skies were calm, the temperature was mild and nothing could dampen my effervescent mood. Sunday was the last day of the Maryland Home and Garden Show, held every March at the State fairgrounds, and I had a enough time in my day to spend a few hours perusing the craft booths and garden displays.

So many wonderful things to
see at the Maryland Home and
Garden Show!
What better time, I thought, than to rock my new BrazilRoxx jeans, purchased on sale at Park City Clothing Company when I was in Utah skiing two weeks ago?  The heavily embellished, embroidered denim pants are super comfortable and oh, so flattering.  For details about my new jeans, see "Ski Holiday".

Surprisingly, a rust-colored denim vest I had expected would pair perfectly with the jeans did not go at all. The coppery hue of the vest was significantly askew from the orangey shade in the pants. I did find that a faux-fur vest in neutral fawn by Belle Fare suited the pants’ color well, and a black long-sleeved Faded Glory T-shirt offered welcome contrast to the warm colors. I pulled on my almond-toed platform booties by Cami from, and pushed my hair up into a messy bun.

Among the myriad stall-keepers hawking mops, cutlery and bathtub liners, there were some gems: a nursery selling their big peonies for a song because it was the last day of the show; a bath and kitchen outfitter plying her rainfall style showerheads at a steep discount because she didn’t want to lug them all home again – to Rhode Island; and a florist’s booth selling six-foot stalks of pussy-willow and curly-willow – perfect for my spring arrangements. I gleefully stocked up.
Louise Devery's
"Word of Mouth"
stall offered lots
of imaginative
In the craft section of the show, I was entranced by a booth belonging to Louise Devery, who has created a fabulous new earring style that drapes over the back of the ear, allowing the wearer to hang several cascading layers of gems, crystals and/or metallic beads without the benefit of a single piercing. Louise emphasized that she has the design copyright on the concept of her "earwraps" and hopes her brainchild will take off eventually. I liked the innovation and told her so.  You can pick out a perfect pair for yourself by visiting her website (
I love my new earwraps!
I tried on several, with Louise providing deft instruction on how to put them on, keep them on and take them off. I was smitten and had to have a pair. Had she not stocked any to suit my taste, Louise would have been happy to make me a custom set.  Her earwraps are sold in singles or pairs. I wished her unmitigated success, and proudly wore my new earwraps home.

The imagination, creativity and talent of my fellow human beings never ceases to amaze and delight me. It was a wonderful day.

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try!" – Dr. Seuss

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