Thursday, March 14, 2013

Teal Talk

While the daffodils in my rural Baltimore County yard are bulging at the stems and buds are swelling on my forsythia branches, an icy wind blew puffy clouds across a pale blue sky this morning, making the 35 degree temperature feel like the 20s, according to the wind-chill factor. And while my sister in northern California says the cherry trees on her San Francisco Bay Area street are blooming in all their blushing glory, the trees are bare and winter is still very much in season here in my mid-Atlantic neck of the woods.

No matter. I would create my own spring color!  My wardrobe choices were mostly vintage today: tapered teal slacks by Inclinations that I bought at JCPenney thirty years ago when I worked for the retailer during my college years, and a thick cable-knit, rolled-neck sweater by White Moon that I picked up in a consignment shop for $2 last fall. With toasty thermal long-johns beneath my clothing and warm booties by Cami for on my feet, I scrunched my hair into a loose bun and searched for some coordinating accessories to tie my look together.

Although I have several pieces of jewelry in turquoise, teal and abalone, the set that caught my eye this morning has tremendous sentimental value. Back in 2010, some time after separating from my husband, my two best girlfriends from Dallas, Texas, Kari and Judy, came to Baltimore to spend the weekend with me. The three of us took a day trip to Saint Michael’s, a picturesque bayside town on the eastern shore of Maryland with a population of little more than a thousand people. To see some photos from that weekend, click on this link: "Mini Girlcation".

We strolled broad sidewalks and visited dozens of wonderful shops purveying everything from beach-influenced jewelry to nautical-themed home d├ęcor. In one cute boutique I found a necklace and earrings of teal-hued beads that I couldn’t live without. Now, each time I put them on, I am reminded of the love and support I received from such wonderful friends during that difficult time in my life. As I put the necklace on this morning, the cerulean beads popped against my black sweater. Perfect.

The weekend we girls spent together was liberating for me in several ways. Although I was still very heavy and didn’t feel very beautiful, Kari and Judy made me feel loved and feminine and pretty. The necklace and earrings I bought that day so long ago are strong reminders now of an important transitional period in my life. It was good to wear them once again.

Despite today’s blustery chill, I was warmed by the memories of a lovely summer weekend with two very important women in my life, when the camaraderie of sisterhood transcended the ache of a broken heart and I was made whole again.

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