Friday, June 21, 2013

Jungle Jazz

I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly a year since I last wore my beloved jungle-print threads by Danny & Nicole (see Urban Jungle Gypsy), which I bought while working my way through college in the 1970s in northern California. With its sheer, flowing fabric and über-feminine vibe, I fell in love with the summery dress the moment I saw it on the rack, despite the unusual color combination of olive and brown with dark orange and turquoise.

To put a fresh spin on my outfit this year, I chose different jewelry for my commute Thursday to the Library of Congress Washington D.C. from my home in northwest Baltimore County, Maryland. Instead of olive and brown pearls, I donned a necklace and earrings of green and amber glass beads on a black chain by Mixit, which I purchased on sale at JCPenney many years ago.

With a cognac leather belt and super comfortable stiletto heels by Guess (I know its incongruous to say super-comfortable and stiletto in the same breath, but they really are!), a zebra-wood bracelet I’ve had forever, and an avocado-hued headscarf, I headed out the door into a brilliant, sunshiny day, the very last day of spring, as a matter of fact.

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