Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Mind Of Its Own

I dressed today with the temperature in mind. With the morning quite cold in Baltimore County, Maryland (high 30s), but expecting to warm to the mid 60s, it would be too warm to bundle up in a sweater and slacks, but too cool for a spring-y sundress. I was stumped… until my eyes settled upon this elegant vintage jumpsuit by Kaki Roberts California, which I bought at JCPenney in the 1970s when I worked for the retailer on the west coast. I love the retro Nehru collar, the embossed brass buttons and the epaulets on the shoulders, giving the outfit a military vibe. In fact, you can see that I was emulating Michael Jackson and his military-themed costumes the last time I wore this shimmery charcoal one-piece.

The bracelet watch has hammered metal inserts that resemble
the tiger spots in my scarf
Today I added a mixed-metal bracelet watch from Countrydoor.com, mixed metal earrings that I’ve owned for ages, and a corded pendant necklace that I found in Southern Ireland last summer. I pulled on comfortable Cami platform booties from Spiegel.com and chose a stretchy black belt from Target for my waist

When my scarf chose
to dangle from one
shoulder, I left it!
I threaded the same metallic tiger-print scarf through the epaulets that I wore in 2011, not realizing it’s exactly how I accessorized the outfit last time. But the scarf apparently remembered – and opted out of repeating the same old, same old. By the time I parked my car in the vast lot at the subway station on the outskirts of Washington D.C. and prepared to board a train for the Library of Congress where I do research for my employer, the scarf had worked its way out of one of the epaulets and was hanging precariously from the remaining shoulder.

Hmmm. I glanced at my reflection in the Plexiglas windbreak on the platform of the train station. Wearing the scarf asymmetrically was actually rather fetching. I left it that way the rest of the day.

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