Thursday, December 15, 2011

Channeling Jacko

Nope, not Jackie-O. Michael Jackson, the incomparable king of pop whom I adored in the 1970s and 1980s. I still have his Thriller album – in vinyl. Still have this jumpsuit, too, a little Kaki Roberts California number I bought at JCPenney when I worked there from 1976-1988. The dark charcoal fabric is crisp and clean lined, dressed up with epaulets like those beloved by Jackson (although, thankfully, without the fringe he favored). I cinched the waist with a black stretch belt from Target and wore platform booties by Cami for because the pant legs were very long. Still too long, even with the platform heels, so I turned up the cuffs once and then the length was perfect. Did I used to be taller, I wonder? No, but perhaps the platform heels I wore in the 1970s were taller.
Interestingly, the collar approximates a Nehru, also favored by the Gloved One in the 1970s – and by my dad. I buttoned the jumpsuit all the way to the top to show off the vintage neckline, and threaded my grandmother’s shimmery gold and black tiger-print scarf through the epaulets for interest. To bring out the gold military-style buttons on the cuffs, epaulets and front, I added a gold pendant on a chain that belonged to my grandmother, goldtone drop earrings, a goldtone bracelet watch with rhinestones from Chico’s, and an antiqued goldtone ring I found in Las Vegas in May. Needed only a black fedora from my millinery collection to complete the fun look -- and I was ready to rock like the master himself.

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