Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Sweat!

Do I ever just pull on a pair of sweats? You betcha’!!

Today I had a routine appointment with my dermatologist and needed to be in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes I could pull up easily to show the doctor the skin on my arms and legs. I bought this cheery red holiday sweatshirt in Reno, Nevada, when I lived there from 1991-1994. It fit the bill perfectly. Beneath the vintage sweatshirt, I wore a white knit top with a snowman detail on the turtleneck collar that was a gift from my neighbor, Jeanette, several Christmases ago. Jeanette has since moved away and I have a new neighbor next door to me now, but the snowman turtleneck remains a winter favorite of mine.

For slacks, I pulled on a pair of black velvet yoga pants by Obermeyer that my best friend, Kari, found in a ski shop for me during one of our annual ski trips to Park City, Utah, about five years ago. I have loved them ever since she spotted them on a clearance rack for $8.  I can dress the velvet up or down and the thick fabric is soft and toasty warm. After I lost 70 pounds this year, I simply replaced the elastic in the waistband and they fit me perfectly again.

On my feet I wore black booties with cute scallop leather trim by Lower East Side, and donned cute "jingle-bell" earrings (they actually jingle!) to keep with my holiday mood. Just goes to show you that wearing sweats doesn’t necessarily mean having to look sloppy!

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