Saturday, December 31, 2011

From Russia With Love

Went to the hairdresser’s today to get my hair all gussied up for a New Year’s Eve dinner party I will be attending later this evening at the home of my dear friends, Robert and Jan. I presented Larisa Barash, owner of Rafet’s Hairmasters salon at Owings Mills Mall, with whom I am pictured, above, with a challenge. Robert and I would be cooking lobster and beef roast for nine guests and there was likely to be heat and steam in Robert’s kitchen as we prepared dinner. Also, I don’t like my hair down (in my face or on my neck) when I cook. So how could I get the wild, sexy look I wanted for my hair – and still have well-coifed curls after the lobster came out of the broiler and the real partying began?

Lora (as Larisa is known to everyone), who has been the exclusive caretaker of my hair for more than eight or nine years now, had a perfect solution. She put my hair in an up-do, secured with a few strategically-placed bobby-pins, to preserve the curl while I cooked. After dinner, she said, retreat to the powder room, remove the four bobby-pins, and toss all those curls with my fingers. Voila. Big, sexy hair for the rest of the evening.

Lora is a genius.  She, like most of her staff, hails from Russia, so she brings a certain Soviet sensibility to her coloring and styling prowess, which I admire and appreciate. Rafet’s Hairmasters also offers waxing, nail care and men’s haircuts. So here’s a big shout-out for Lora and her quality styling salon, Rafet’s Hairmasters (410) 363-7080.
Thanks to Lora and Rafet’s, my hair and I will be looking good all night tonight!

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