Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, here's to a rousing start to 2012!!  Invited to the elegant home of my dearest Baltimore friends, Robert and Jan, for a gourmet dinner of whole lobsters and a savory-rubbed roast beef (not to mention a host of lovely appetizers and a trio of wonderful desserts from the notable Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore), I knew as I dressed for the evening that it would be a new year's eve to remember.

I chose my vintage outfit carefully, picking out a black satin-trimmed halter top with a plunging neckline and sexy peplum by Cachet, which I’ve owned for almost thirty years, to wear over fancy black Cachet slacks with filmy black fabric panels that seemed to float as I walked. Although I purchased both items in California decades ago, I no longer remember where, specifically. Nevertheless, when I tried the pieces on, I was amazed that they still fit me perfectly and looked as good as new, although I did sew a couple of fancy "new" vintage buttons on the halter top from my grandmother’s button collection to replace rhinestone buttons that had long been lost to the ravages of time.

My dressy attire called out for fancy jewelry, so I chose sparkling heart-shaped cubic zirconia earrings and matching necklace that were a birthday gift to me in September from Joyce in Spokane, the mother of my best friend, Kari. I also donned my favorite rhinestone cocktail ring and a smoky crystal cuff bracelet that I had just received for Christmas the week before from Jan’s brother, Rob, and his lovely wife, Ging. Once I had my new year's eve outfit put together, I fastened my hair in an up-do with a gold claw emblazoned with crystals and put on my favorite pair of black platform pumps by Call It Spring for
For added bling, I splurged on a pair of crystal-embellished eyelashes, which I first saw upon my best friend, Kari, who wore them at a New Year’s Eve party at her lovely home in Dallas, Texas, last year.  Together with a little sparkle-infused lotion on my arms and decolletage, I upped the glam factor to the max and was ready to party!
Decadent desserts from Patisserie Poupon of Baltimore
The evening unfolded dreamily. I was handed a glass of champagne as I walked in the door, donned an apron and set to work helping Robert finish preparing his magnificent dinner for nine. We enjoyed an outstanding cabernet sauvignon with our roast and our lobster, sipped a 1990 Dom Perignon at midnight as we blew our paper horns and exchanged heartfelt hugs, and then sipped a wonderful 1995 port as we nibbled on decadent desserts.
Fellow guest Shabnam and I make a wish for the new year with her magic wand
Ah, yes. If this new year’s celebration is any indication of the caliber of adventures in store for me in the next twelve months, then bring them on.  I'm ready!
Happy New Year, everybody,

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  1. Happy 2012 to my gorgeous, sexy & sophisticated Lynell! You look terrific celebrating the new year!