Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bog Post No. 4, 10/25/11 -- Olive Drab, not so drab!

To offset today’s brilliant autumn colors, I paired some olive drab leggings by HUE from Macy’s with an olive and black buffalo-plaid flannel shirt from that I’ve had for years. The wide stretch belt came from The Limited, and the black boots were a DSW purchase. My olive, amber and black beaded choker and earrings are from Claire’s and the hair comb is a Dea Dread by Thea Osato (
Interestingly, even though I weigh the same 120 pounds I weighed when I first wore these leggings in May and they were snug, today I had to take them in four inches at the waist before I could wear them. All the exercise classes have apparently shifted my body mass around, turning fat into muscle (which is heavier than fat) so although the scale says I weight the same, I’m actually thinner than I was in May. I feel like I look the same, but pants never lie!

When my subway token wouldn’t work at the Metro station in Washington D.C. this morning, the very nice station attendant who happened to be standing right there told me that I was "too sexy for the gate" so that’s why it malfunctioned. That got a chuckle from several fellow commuters who were within earshot.

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