Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Post No. 5, 10/27/11 -- Pretty In Pink

This late October day was rainy and blustery and I was in a denim kind of mood, so I pulled on some dark blue jeggings by HUE from Macy’s and grabbed a dark pink top my mother bought for me at Kmart in Northern California when I was a teenager, almost 40 years ago. I have not traditionally been a big fan of pink, since my skin has a very sallow tone. Consequently I never wore the pink top as much as the black one and the blue one my mom surprised me with that same day (I still have all three). But lately (and with better cosmetics) I have found that pink doesn’t look too bad on me, after all, so I’ve taken to wearing the pink top again. To ward off autumn’s bluster, I donned a Navajo blanket-style cropped jacket with tassels that was a gift from a dear girlfriend (now deceased) in Reno, Nevada in 1993.

My dark pink ruby earrings were a birthday gift from my best friend Kari’s mom, Joyce, last year and my diamond encrusted initial "L" necklace was a gift from my employer on my fifteenth anniversary with the firm two years ago. My black platform Call It Spring pumps are from My enamel and seashell cocktail ring trimmed in gold was a wonderful find at this years Renaissance festival in Laurel, Maryland, and the pink shell stretch bracelet was something I picked up last month in Nassau, the Bahamas. I found the pink and gold stretch ring in Las Vegas, my goldtone bracelet watch with rhinestones is from Chico’s, and the hair ornament is a custom made Dea Dread by Thea Osato of Baltimore (

All that cheery pink really made me smile on such a chilly, gray day.

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