Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Post No. 8, 11/4/11 -- Jewel Tones, The Redux

Today I went someplace different than yesterday so, being the slightly eccentric gal that I am, I rocked the same jewel-tone outfit again, only this time with black HUE leggings from Macy’s sporting metal studs that were a gift from my best friend Kari’s mom, Joyce, in May instead of the blue jeans I wore yesterday. The blue turtleneck top was part of an ensemble I purchased decades ago in California, and the scarf is a beloved memento from my maternal grandmother. My black scallop-trimmed booties with little bows by Lower East Side are from Payless Shoe Source and the blue fabric "Dea Dread" hair accessory was custom-made for me by Thea Osato of Baltimore ( I found my handmade emerald green earrings at a St. Patrick’s Day street fair in Reno, Nevada in 1992, the sparkly blue and green ring was a recent $10 Las Vegas purchase, and the stretch bracelets came from a vendor selling costume jewelry in the lobby of my employer’s office building in 1995 or so.

When I passed through the turnstyle at the subway station this morning, I apparently looked so "fierce" that the helpful attendant shouted cheerily across the station admonishing me to "try not to hurt anybody today!!" I shot him a quick smile over my shoulder before bounding up the escalator to the platform. Do people realize how much they can brighten someone’s day by random complements like that? I found myself smiling at his kind remark all day long!

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