Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Colorblock And Filigree

Tuesday’s weather was brisk and fall-like. I was anxious to wear a knit tunic by Alfani that was in a box of clothing sent to me a few months ago by my best friend Kari’s mother, Joyce. Normally, I am not inclined toward giant contrasting sections on a garment, despite the fact that color-blocked fabrics are all the rage in fashion right now. But that’s the beauty of having someone else select your clothes. When Joyce finds something in her closet she no longer cares to wear, I am often the lucky recipient because she and I wear the same size.

I can’t predict what Joyce might send me, but I am always thrilled to receive her surprise parcels because they represent, for me, far more than just a box of cast-off clothing. These bundles come from a mother not unlike my own dearly-departed mom. Nothing in the world makes me feel as loved as when the mailman comes to my door with a box that carries Joyce’s return address. So what if I would not have selected a color-blocked tunic on my own? How else would I ever determine if something not in my particular taste was actually quite attractive on me? In a "care package from home", that’s how!

I paired the top with vintage black travel slacks from JCPenney and my most comfortable high-heeled loafers by Studio Paolo. The large bands of color in the tunic made a perfect backdrop for my new necklace and earrings of the most delicate silver lace in the shape of leaves from Fire & Ice Jewelry of Baltimore (, a birthday gift from my dear friends, Robert and Jan.

It was an ideal autumn day, and the blue in my jumper matched the brilliant fall sky. My intricately woven silver jewelry contrasted beautifully against the large units of color in my tunic.  It seems I was happy with color-blocking after all. 

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