Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Favorite Time Of Year

So it’s finally September. None too soon as far as I’m concerned. And it’s not just because I am anxious to escape the summer’s heat and humidity. No. For me, September signals a quickening of the social pulse, and I find myself giddy with anticipation about exciting events to come, such as the opening gala concert of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s 2012-2013 season, just a little more than one week away now, and the Renaissance Festival in Laurel, Maryland, which I always enjoy attending in celebration of my birthday near the end of the month.

And then there are the events I will be leading this fall as a volunteer ranger for the Maryland Park Service, such as my annual pumpkin-carving program for children and adults just before Halloween and a holiday craft workshop and bake sale in early December to raise funds for restoration of Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area (Soldiers Delight), a globally rare ecosystem near my home.

I’m quite excited about a visit from my sister in mid-October and maybe, just maybe, a first-time visit from my brother and his wife in mid-November, which would thrill me to pieces. And of course there is Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve to look forward to, as well as a whole raft of winter symphonies to attend. I even have tickets to a Baltimore Ravens football game in November!

I delight in dressing my home in autumn colors as the leaves start to turn outside my windows. I enjoy hearing acorns drop from the ancient oak trees which surround my little farmhouse, hitting my roof and patio (and sometimes my head) with a sure "plink, plink" day and night. I am approaching a most festive time of year, and right now, before I am actually amidst the frantic preparations for all these events, I have only the elation of their approach to enjoy and not yet the stress of their arrival.

So today, while still too warm for long sleeves or slacks but wanting to celebrate the arrival of September, I donned a personal harbinger of fall. It is a vest which was hand sewn for me by Elaine Terrell way back in 1994. Elaine was the dear mother of a man to whom I was married in Dallas, Texas for a short while. She chose a fabric for the simple garment featuring my most favorite colors, those of autumn, and I could scarcely contain my excitement when she presented it to me on my birthday all those years ago.

I wore the vest today over a wheat-colored tank top by Karen Scott for Macy’s and added a pair of tailored Liz Claiborne shorts that were a recent gift to me from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane. I secured the vest with a vintage gold pin in the shape of a leaf, and twisted a sage-hued scarf from Target around my neck for interest. Donning a pair of olive leather heels by Guess for Macy’s, some topaz drop earrings I found in Park City, Utah, in March and a bracelet of wooden beads, I set out for a day of research at the Library of Congress, delighted by the colors of autumn all around me.

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