Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White On White

It’s hard to believe that there are only a little more than two weeks before September arrives. Growing up in northern California, that didn’t mean much, weatherwise, as September was typically as hot a month as August. But here, in the mid-Atlantic region of the east coast, the weather turns significantly cooler the first week of September, almost as dependably as clockwork. Indeed, a cold front expected to blow into town this coming weekend is predicted to wipe out the humidity and cool things off a lot. There are other signs that fall is coming, as well. The branches on my sumac are already starting to turn color. I see leaves beginning to flutter to the ground as I drive to my exercise classes on weekday evenings. One of the black walnut trees in my yard already sports a branch of brilliant gold, and my inkberries are growing more purple by the day.

Autumn is coming, and I can hardly wait. The approach of September, however, means that I only have two more weeks to wear white with impunity, so today I broke out an all-white outfit to celebrate what is left of summer. The shorts are a longish polyester pair by clothing manufacturer M.T.C. and are pure vintage, found in a box of old clothes I had stashed from the 1970s that I unearthed when I lost 70 pounds last year and could fit into them again.

For a top I chose a white, racer-back, ribbed camisole with rhinestones embellishing the frilly neckline by International Concepts (INC) that I bought at Macy’s last year.  You might notice that this is the same top that appears in the profile photo for my blog.  I haven't worn the top in many months because I accidentally turned it pink in a load of laundry last summer (there was a red rag hidden in my whites that went unnoticed into the washing machine one day).  Repeated washings finally brought the camisole back to bright white and I am now able to wear it once again.

I cinched the waist of my shorts with a vintage skinny white belt. My white gladiator sandals with a low heel by Olsenboye were a perfect choice for the long walks I encounter on my commute to the Library of Congress to do research for my employer of eighteen years.  I finished today’s look with clear crystal beaded earrings and a matching bracelet that belonged to my grandmother in the 1950s, and added a silver-toned filigree metal cuff watch I picked up in the Dallas airport last year.

Today’s temperatures were downright mild compared to some August days we’ve had so far this year.  I was very cool in my all-white ensemble.  Autumn cannot be far away.

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