Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daffodil Hill

The only "hill" I climb during my commute to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. is "Capitol Hill", which isn’t really a hill at all. However, emerging from the subway station at the Capitol South Metro stop requires a climb of 351 steps, which I take as fast as I possibly can whether I’m in high heels or not, in order to give my legs a nice aerobic workout. I can surmount those stairs now without becoming short of breath, something about which I am particularly proud. There are actually six stairways I ascend on my commute, plus extended horizontal treks across the parking lot where I leave my car, changing trains midway through my subway travels, as I approach the Library of Congress from the subway station, and as I traverse the underground tunnels within the blocks-long Library building complex, so the hike really is a nice calorie burner.
There are 351 steps to climb at the Capitol South Subway station
All of which has nothing to do with today’s choice of attire, third in a trilogy of similar dresses I bought within a few weeks of each other way back in the 1970s when I worked in the big-ticket Electronics Department at JCPenney in northern California.  I always kept my eye out for the latest fashions, and these extremely feminine, floral confections caught my attention as soon as they arrived at the store in a shipment of summer attire.  I ended up falling in love with three of them. Two I have blogged about previously, in posts titled "Goddess of Flowers" dated May 1st , and "The View At Mill Run – Donation To A Worthy Cause" dated June 5th. This, then, is the third and final dress in the series.

Awash in yellow daffodils and pink carnations on a dark navy background, this eternally happy garment by Nostalgia has "summer" written all over it. I added only some jute-wedge sandals by Nine West’s Vintage America Collection from Macy’s, a pink shell bracelet I bought in Nassau last October, a silver-metal filigree bangle watch I picked up at the Dallas airport a few months ago, and a pair of vintage pink and green metal "strawberry" earrings that belonged to my mother in the 1940s.

Lightweight and cool and perfect for a sultry August day, my daffodil dress was an ideal choice for today’s Capitol Hill climb.

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