Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creamcicle Colors

Ah, August, dog days of summer on the west coast where I grew up.  But here, in the mid-Atlantic region of the east coast, July is typically the hottest month of summer and August, well, August is usually a bit more tame. 

Today was no exception. A strong cool front which blew in over the weekend took away all the humidity and left temperatures here in Baltimore County in the glorious mid 70s.  This morning when I awoke it was an amazing 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Even in Washington DC, my destination for a day of research at the Library of Congress, temps barely exceeded 80 degrees today, and Baltimore County was never more than 74 all day.  Now that's my kind of weather!

To celebrate such a spectacular day, I chose classic pieces from a box of gently worn clothing sent to me recently by my best friend's mother, Joyce, in Spokane, Washington.  Cuffed, light wool shorts by August Reed in the palest yellow and an elegant Liz Claiborne blouse in buff-colored silk combined to form a tailored ensemble whose color evoked fond memories of the rich Irish cream I swirled into my morning coffee in Dublin last month. 

I cinched the waist with a skinny, gold-buckled belt and added beige and tan spectator pumps with stacked wood heels by Aldo.  For jewelry, I chose one of my favorite pieces, a necklace of gray and biscuit-hued freshwater pearls set on interlocking twigs of silver by Fire & Ice Jewelers of Baltimore (www.fireandice.com), which I paired with gray pearl chandelier earrings and a coiled pearl bracelet, both of which belonged to my grandmother in the 1940s.  

It felt good to wear tailored clothing after months of unstructured, loose-fitting, summer wear.  Autumn can't be far away!

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