Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Shorts

There’s nothing like wearing shorts on a hot summer’s day. Trouble is, most shorts do not make a terribly classy style statement. I am incredibly lucky that I don’t work in a formal office environment, so I don’t have a particular dress code to which I am required to adhere. As long as my outfit doesn’t embarrass me as I take my place beside my fellow researchers at the long wooden tables in the Library of Congress’s Business and Science reading room, I’m happy. But I don’t want to look like I just came in from weeding the yard, either.

Today, I chose a pair of vintage shorts that I saved from my youth in the 1970s. They have no label, so I can’t tell you the maker, but their pale pink and white cotton stripes evoke a sunny summer day like no other fabric can. I paired the shorts with a pink ribbed tank top by St. John’s Bay from JCPenney and some white gladiator sandals by Olsenboye with just a touch of heel, and then cast around for some summer jewelry with a hint of pink to make the ensemble a little more dressy. As I opened my jewelry case, I spied a gorgeous necklace and matching earrings of pale abalone set in silver with just the right amount of pink. Perfect. This marvelous set was a Christmas gift to me from my dear friend and former administrative assistant, Marshall, who picked out the jewelry for me while on a Caribbean cruise with his father several years ago.

Wanting a little something more to tie everything together, I selected a stretchy belt in a darker shade of pink that was given to me by my best friend’s mother, Joyce. The belt’s buckle reminded me of sand and sky with its unusual swirls of pink and lavender. It would be an ideal complement to the abalone.

Finally, I tucked a Dea Dread of long pink fabric tendrils into my hair that was custom made for me by Thea Osato of Baltimore (, stashed my essentials in a white handbag by Claire and set off for work. I felt as cool and collected as a summer breeze, confident that I had elevated my simple summer outfit from ho-hum to "wow" and, judging by the positive feedback I received on my attire today, I was successful.

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