Monday, July 16, 2012

Starry, Starry Night

I’d been lamenting the fact that I was out of the country when July Fourth rolled around last week, disappointed that I didn’t get to see any fireworks, which I adore. So I was delighted to see that fireworks were on the agenda at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s annual summer concert, held outdoors this past Saturday in a vast, grassy amphitheater on the grounds of Oregon Ridge State Park in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

The evening was sultry, so I chose something light and airy – a beautiful summer sheath by She’s Cool in deep, dramatic blues, purples and pinks which was included in a box of cast-off clothing I received recently from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane, Washington. I had been waiting for an occasion to wear this gorgeous, jewel-toned maxi, and the casual summer concert created a perfect opportunity. Paired with silver gladiator sandals by Olsenboye, an enameled turquoise necklace with matching earrings, and a peacock-hued  bracelet of crystal beads hand made by my dear friend Lily in Cameron Park, California, I couldn’t have been more comfortable, nor looked more chic.
Since the venue offered only hot dogs and sandwiches in the way of dinner-fare, I chose to do what many other patrons did. I brought my own gourmet meal in a picnic basket. A favorite comfort food since my mother made it for my brother and me on special occasions, I brought along the ingredients for classic Caesar salad – wooden bowl and all – and assembled everything on a pretty tablecloth spread over a blanket on the grass beneath the stars. My date brought a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and together we toasted a fine evening filled with splendid symphonic renditions of film scores: the music from James Bond, Star Wars, Bat Man, Harry Potter and other futuristically-themed movies.
As dusk gave way to nightfall, the balmy weather remained pleasingly mild. And as the orchestra sounded its last note of the evening, the sky over our heads lit up with hundreds of brilliant fireworks – a gorgeous and extended display that had me clasping my hands in exhilaration. Not wanting such a fine evening to come to an end, we found our way to Vacarro’s Italian pastry shop in Hunt Valley after the concert, where we treated ourselves to gelato sundaes eaten, where else? Out under the stars at one of their delightful patio tables. What a fabulous night for outdoor fun.

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