Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Style

I arose early this morning, grabbed my exercise gear and headed out to my health club (http://merrittclubs.com/) to try out a new dance class making its debut in the Baltimore area. It’s called Sh’Bam, and the class is intended to give Zumba a run for its money, exercise-wise.

Sh’Bam dance steps veer away from Latin and hip hop and tend more toward pop and catchy dance tunes. I find Zumba to be wonderfully sultry and steamy – I did not expect these Sh’Bam steps to be as erotic. I was wrong. While extremely aerobic, Sh’Bam exudes as much sensuality as Zumba. I was smitten. The special session was filmed by Baltimore’s Local WBAL Channel 2, who aired a lifestyle piece on this new style of dance exercise on June 28 during the 5:00 p.m. hour.  Here is a link to the segment that was given to me by WBAL:   Sh'bam WBAL Television Segment

Following a quick shower in the locker room at the club, I dressed for a routine commute to the Library of Congress. With tomorrow being the first day of summer, I thought I would get a jumpstart on the season by donning some summer white Levi’s 512 jeans and a sleeveless black and white tunic by Alfani with a playful ruffled collar, which was in a box of clothing recently sent to me by my best friend’s mother, Joyce. The short shift was perfect for a sultry day, as temperatures were expected to rise into the mid-90s by this afternoon and humidity, which up to now has been mercifully low, was forecast to return with a vengeance.

Since my commute involves lots of walking – across the vast subway station parking lot in Maryland, as I change subway trains in downtown Washington D.C., and as I make my way from the Capitol subway station to the Library of Congress and then traverse the underground tunnels of the blocks-long complex to reach the Business and Science reading room where I conduct research for my employer, I chose oh-so-comfortable strappy wedge-heeled Aerosole sandals which were hand-me-downs from my best friend, Kari. I accessorized my summer look with stretchy bracelets of black stones and white beads and seashells – purchases I made in Nassau last October, and "spatter-wear" earrings of black paint on white enamel which I’ve owned since the 1970s.

Tonight after work, I traded my summery outfit for exercise togs once again, and trundled off to my Body Step class. This is the season for toned arms, legs and midriff, after all. And as it is also the season for my beloved homemade Sangria, the only way I’m going to keep those body parts toned is by amping up my aerobic output. Ah, summer.

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