Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...Try, Try Again

Today was a "re-do". If you recall my post of April 6, I had a "wardrobe malfunction" when the back seam of my vintage green skirt ripped as I stooped to pick something up off the floor. I had to change my attire completely before leaving for my commute to the Library of Congress that day.

Well, today the repaired seam was good as new and I was ready to try the outfit again. My forest green miniskirt, by Rampage for Macy’s, was a purchase back when miniskirts first became mainstream in the 1970s. I’ve owned it all these years, never dreaming I would have legs fit and trim enough to ever rock a miniskirt again. Today I happily paired the slim rayon skirt with a ribbed-knit lime green tank top by St. John’s Bay for JCPenney featuring delicate embroidery at the neckline.
To tie the greens together, I wound a scarf around my pony tail that was made for me in the 1970s by my grandmother. The triangular cotton scarf is covered with dramatic paisleys in peacock jewel tones. To that ensemble I added only a silver and abalone necklace and earrings by Mixit and a hand-wrought silver and abalone cuff bracelet that my mother bought in Mexico as she honeymooned with my father back in 1953.

I cinched the outfit with a wide black belt from Target and showed off my newly-toned calves with sky-high black platform pumps by Call It Spring for JCPenney. The effect got results.

When I stopped at my gym on the way home from work to pick up a few door-hanger advertisements featuring my image, one of my body pump instructors said to me: "Wow. You sure look different when you’re not in workout clothes!" Enough said.

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