Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March In, Spring Out

The first day of spring brings with it many expectations – of warm days, balmy nights, the resumption of the tree frog's yelp and the cricket's eager chirp, and catching the faint scent of spring blossoms as they waft across the consciousness while savoring the joy of being outdoors.  Finally.

For me, today was an opportunity to relish the early bloom of my daffodils, forsythia and hyacinth, all at their peak in my yard right now. What were bare tree branches days ago are suddenly filled with just-sprouting leaves in abundant shades of green.

Generally in the mid-Atlantic, the first day of spring is hardly recognizable as such. There is often still snow on the ground, the temperatures continue to dip well below freezing at night, and thoughts of spring planting are not yet percolating in the minds of most. Several times I have defied the conventional rule about not planting annuals in this area until after Mother’s Day for fear of a killing frost. And several times I have lost whatever it was I planted for having been so bold as to challenge Mother Nature’s plan for the arrival of spring weather.

But today really felt, looked and smelled like spring! My pussy-willow tree is alight with clouds of creamy-yellow fuzz and I see stirrings of life in my apple and pear trees.

To celebrate such timely stirring, I wore green today, choosing sage-colored leggings by HUE and a ribbed-knit St. John's Bay tank top by JCPenney in the same color, beneath a hand-knit shawl that I purchased at the American Craft Council’s annual juried craft show a couple of years ago. I gathered a camouflage-patterned scarf from Macy’s around my neck for interest, and added some short taupe booties with stacked wood heels by American Eagle.  For jewelry I chose brown glass bead and seed pearl earrings from Fire & Ice Jewelers of Baltimore (http://www.fireandice.com/), a wide bracelet of wooden beads from the accessory boutique Icing, and a fashion ring of pale green gem-cut glass stones that was a gift from my best friend Kari’s mother, Joyce, last May.

Stepping out into the warm day amidst all the flora in its blooming glory on this, the seedtime equinox, was exhilarating. The balmy weather definitely put a "spring" in my step as I marched off to work at the Library of Congress.

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  1. You look like an adorable soldier marching off 2 celebrate global warming! Sounds like your green thumbs have been busy and I can hardly wait 2 see the lush forest @ Camp Tobler!