Thursday, March 8, 2012

Annual Ski Trip

Stuart, Lyle, Kari, Joyce and me
Sometimes forces in the universe come together to create a truly wonderful family experience. Such is how I would describe the ski vacation I took this past weekend with my best friend, Kari, her husband, Stuart, and her parents, Joyce and Lyle. For many years, we traveled to a different resort every year, and on the years we used Salt Lake City, Utah, as a "home base" for our annual adventure, we skied at a different resort every day, since there are seven world-class ski destinations within 45 minutes of downtown Salt Lake.
Kari's parents, Lyle and Joyce
For the past few years, though, we have arrived at a happy routine better suited to our family's comfort.  At the ages of 75 and 79 years old, respectively, Joyce and Lyle are still very athletic and extremely competent, expert skiers. Yet settling in for a three-day run exclusively at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, Utah, these last few years allows us access to a park that restricts snowboarders and limits the number of skiers allowed on the mountain, creating a more relaxed ski-experience for all of us.
To set the scene for my voyage from Maryland to Utah via Dallas, Texas, where I met Kari and Stuart for the flight to Salt Lake City, I chose a sweater by Fashion Force that I bought at JCPenney when I worked for them back in the 1970s. Made of soft watermelon-hued angora with large ruby "gems" sewn all over the front placket, I wore the vintage knit over comfortable and equally vintage stretchy black travel slacks, also from JCPenney. I added a carved carnelian pendant necklace which was a gift from my dear friend Judy in Dallas, a silver-colored filigree metal bracelet watch that I found at the Dallas airport last year, a rhinestone fashion ring I picked up at BCBG in Dallas, a silver-toned stretchy bracelet from a mall boutique, my favorite black patent, high-heeled pumps by Call It Spring for JCPenney, and a black fabric Dea Dread hair accessory by Thea Osato of Baltimore ( to complete my travel outfit.
Upon meeting Kari’s parents in the cocktail lounge of the hotel after our plane landed, I was completely blown away when Joyce surprised me with a gorgeous fox-trimmed coat in supple winter white leather with intricately pleated sleeves and wide buttoned cuffs, made in Italy by Dero for Rocco D’Amello, that she had purchased at Nordstrom’s back in 1992. In all those years Joyce had only worn the coat twice, and since it was a bit too small to fit her own daughter, I became the lucky recipient when Joyce realized she would never wear the coat again. Of course, I tried it on immediately and, of course, it fit me perfectly. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. What wonderful parents! I was moved beyond words by their generosity, and I wore the coat proudly every evening of our trip.
For the slopes I donned my favorite one-piece ski-suit from the Signature Collection of the venerable ski-apparel giant Nils, consisting of a quilted red top with a faux-fur collar over black spandex tights – very comfortable and very form-fitting! I bought it over ten years ago at a JansSport ski apparel shop at the Snowbird Ski Resort and I continue to adore it every time I put it on.
My best friend, Kari, and I at lunch in the ski lodge
We couldn’t have picked a better weekend for our annual ski trip. It was snowing as our plane landed in Utah, providing two inches of fresh powder the next morning on a solid 80-inch snow base. The weather was sunny but cold all day, which prevented the snow from becoming slushy in the afternoon. Our second day was equally perfect, albeit overcast, and on our third and last day the sun shone brightly all day long, causing the snow to sparkle like diamonds. Between the perfect ski conditions every day, the wonderful dinners in local restaurants shared with family each evening, and shopping at the delightful shops along Park City’s historic Main Street, our 2012 family ski trip was just about as perfect as perfect gets.

To see a web album I put together of photographs from our trip, click on this link: 


  1. The white coat is stunning, the red skiwear is sexy and as always, you look splendid!

  2. I absolutely love the looks of the red and black ski suit. Can you tell me, is it one piece or two piece? Is it warm to ski in, or is it more of a Sunny day ski suit? Can you please email me at and let me know. Thanks, Jill