Thursday, September 5, 2013

Milking it

I am in a most fortunate position to be able to wear the same outfit or accessories to work on consecutive days without anyone noticing, since I don’t work at the same location every day.  One day I might commute to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. from my home in northwest Baltimore County, Maryland.  The next I am off to the National Library of Medicine to conduct research for my employer in a slightly different vein.  So why not take advantage of that ever-changing audience to get the most out of summer jewelry I purchased for an August Wedding?

To show off the fun yellow and gray beaded necklace, earrings and bracelet I found at Nordstrom and JCPenney a few weeks ago, I chose pale yellow walking shorts for my commute Tuesday to the Library of Congress. The satin-lined, summer wool shorts by Austin Reed Petites were a hand-me-down last summer from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane.  I paired the tailored shorts with a white scoop-neck top from Talbot’s, also a gift from Joyce last year, and finished my look with adorable peep-toe pumps by Fioni in a mottled gray floral pattern.

With the estivating season quickly on the wane, I won’t have many more opportunities to don breezy attire before chill winds bring frost and sweaters to my corner of the Mid-Atlantic.  I want to milk the halcyon days with my sunny yellow jewels for all they’re worth.   And I have!

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