Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not So Recessive

For a long time it was commonly held that blue eye color was a recessive trait.  Turns out that at least 15 genes are associated with eye color inheritance.  Also interesting is that there is no blue pigmentation in blue human eyes.  Instead, the blue color is caused by the concentration of melanin (blue eyes have hardly any) which influences how light is scattered across the stroma of the iris, much the way we perceive the sky to be blue from light reflected off the ocean.

Regardless of what causes the azure tint, my blue eyes come directly from Switzerland via my father’s side of the family.  It is a color that consistently looks good with my sallow skin tone and is supposedly my “lucky” hue.  That said, I probably don’t wear it often enough.  But Tuesday was all about embracing shades of blue in an easy, up-to-the-minute outfit for a girl on the go.

I started with a pair of sassy leggings by L.A. Movers in swirling shades of light and dark sapphire.  I’ve owned these body-hugging capris since the 1980s, yet they still wear almost like new. I paired the pants with a simple ribbed Faded Glory tank top in navy, topped with a sheer, royal blue, collared sleeveless shirt by A New Approach (A.N.A.), which I found on sale at my local JCPenney store last week. I love how the high-low hemline creates a more modest silhouette in the back and I adore the cute smocking on the front placket.  

I complemented my ensemble with a hammered silver necklace and earrings that were a gift to me last year from my friends, Robby and Ging, a bracelet of clear Lucite beads, and strappy white cork-heeled sandals by City Streets.

This adorable blue-eyed koala was born at the
Dreamland Amusement Park in Queensland, Australia,
the first blue-eyed koala ever born in captivity 
It is now believed that the genetics of eye coloration are so complex that practically any parent-child combination of eye shade can occur, although almost all originate within Chromosome #15.  Despite the color blue showing up occasionally in the eyes of horses, birds, cats and even a koala bear, blue eyes are becoming less and less common in succeeding generations of human children.

I’m proud of my Swiss blue eyes. And I was delighted to show them off Tuesday with an outfit that highlights the royal hue.

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