Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving The Look

Although Texas and the rest of the southern United States have suffered many excessively stifling days already this summer, my area of the country has been largely spared truly oppressive weather so far in 2013 – until this week.  With heat indices expected to reach 105-110 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-Atlantic every day this week, I was not looking forward to my lengthy commute to my workplace in Washington DC from my home in Baltimore County, Maryland, which includes a long hike across the vast parking lot where I park my car for the 45-minute subway ride into the District of Columbia and another, equally protracted walk between the D.C. subway station and the Library of Congress where I conduct research on behalf of my employer.

So I was thrilled to discover that a breezy summer outfit I wore to work last week (see Cute) could be reinterpreted simply by choosing different leggings and a similar top.  I loved how last week’s yoga pants and sleeveless smock kept me cool and comfortable – and made such a cute combination!  So today I dug out some vintage leggings by Rainbeau Bodywear which I bought when I lived in northern California in the 1970s.  I paired the fun black and white patterned pants with an all-white cotton top by Style & Co. from Macy’s, a gift last summer from my best friend’s mother Joyce, in Spokane, Washington, just like last week’s tunic was.

I added some cool summer color in the form of a necklace, earrings and bracelets of turquoise beads which I found on sale at my local JCPenney store several years ago, and selected white gladiator-style sandals by Olsenboye to keep my feet comfy during the extended pedestrian portion of my commute.

Tomorrow is forecast to be just as sultry as today.  But I’ll be ready to face the oppression in yet another pair of vintage leggings and a pretty shirt!

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