Thursday, May 2, 2013

Orange Crush

Finally! This was what I had been waiting for, an absolutely gorgeous spring day in every way imaginable: brilliant shades of green displayed by nearly every bush, tree and vine as young leaves unfurled against a backdrop of piercing sapphire in a cloudless sky; a cool breeze that dallied with the sun’s attempt to warm the land, keeping temperatures from feeling as balmy as the 70 degrees Fahrenheit forecast for today in Washington D.C.   I marveled, during my long commute from Baltimore County to our nation’s capitol for a day of research at the Library of Congress on behalf of my employer, at the brilliance on display in Mother Nature: the deep pink of redbuds and azaleas in the woods, the dazzling yellow of tulips in passing gardens, and the rich shade of emerald my own lawn has assumed just within the past two weeks.

This was a day to break out bright, bold colors, to imagine myself blossoming in intensity as I transition from dreary, dormant hues to the passionate tints of the awakening season. Lucky Magazine’s online "community", to which I am a regular contributor, recently launched a new theme in which they invited their contributors to demonstrate vibrant shades of spring. Having recently achieved the honor of earning their "100 votes" badge (awarded to less than ten percent of the 4000+ bloggers contributing to Lucky magazine to date), I needed no incentive, save for the brilliance of a day like today.

I started with a pair of vintage ankle pants by T.J. Madison in sunny yellow, which I’ve owned since the 1970s. I added a simple white, scoop-necked Tee from Talbot’s which was in a box of gently used clothing sent to me last fall by my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Washington State. Over that I layered a dramatic orange wrap of luxurious silk created by Michigan designer Susan D. Luks (, which I found at the American Craft Council’s show at the Baltimore Convention center in February, the largest juried craft show in America. And over that, I donned a spectacular combination of branch coral, Swarovski crystals and freshwater blister pearls fashioned into an exquisite "statement" necklace by Lisa Davin of Dzyns by Lisa (, who was exhibiting at Baltimore’s Artscape festival last July when I fell under the spell of this extraordinary piece.

I've been asked to include close-ups of my jewelry and I am
happy to oblige.  This fabulous necklace was designed
by Lisa Davin of Hollywood, Florida.
Adding only some simple earrings of cascading orange disks and a shell bracelet, both by Mixit from JCPenney, along with a pair of cork-heeled white sandals by City Streets, I pulled my hair up into a loose bun and set out to experience the sensational day. As I entered the vast lot at the subway station on the outskirts of D.C. and searched for a spot to park my car, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the breathtaking hues of the surrounding foliage and flowering trees everywhere I looked. The sheer pleasure of seeing color so intense after months of neutral winter tones was compelling. It felt wonderful to be alive. And when the lady standing in front of me in line at the supermarket after work turned to me and said "you look beautiful", I realized how potently such concentrated pigments can stir the appeal of glamour in each of us. Bright, bold beauty, indeed.
"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." -- Wassily Kandinsky

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  1. Compliments on the complements! Beautiful! :-)