Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Boutique Bouclé

Bouclé is spun yarn that combines strands formed into smaller, or anchor, loops, with strands formed into larger loops and tied to the anchor strands, creating a "messy" knitted finish composed of varying loop sizes and, sometimes, colors. My choice for today’s outfit was a fabulous bouclé-knit sweater by Pretty Angel in a combination of brown and burgundy yarns that I found in a lovely little boutique called Destiny (www.destinyparkcity.com), along historic Main Street in Park City, Utah, while on a ski holiday with my best friend, Kari, and her parents a couple of months ago (Ski Holiday 2013).

Kari was actually the one who first spied the adorable wrap. We were on a hunt for a top to go with a pair of amazing embellished jeans by BrazilRoxx Luxury Couture (www.brazilroxx.com) that I had just purchased down the street at Park City Clothing Company (www.parkcityclothingcompany.com). An odd combination of coppery burgundy-brown, the denim was not going to be easy to coordinate with other clothes in my closet. So I was elated when Kari pointed the shawl out to me, its eccentric wooden fastener (a hair-bun holder repurposed as a "sweater guard") making this modern stole all the more charming.

Today I paired the bouclé cloak with a pair of vintage bell-bottomed, high-waisted sailor jeans by Levi-Strauss, a prize possession I managed to save from my youth in the early 1970s. I layered a simple long-sleeved cotton T-shirt beneath the cape and added a necklace of wooden beads, earrings fashioned out of wood disks, and a carved zebra-wood bracelet to round out my ensemble.

The rain came in torrents as I made my way south from Baltimore County to Washington D.C. for a day of research at the Library of Congress on behalf of my employer. But I was snug and stylish in my blue jeans and bouclé bolero.

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