Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vested Interest

When I first spied the vest tucked into a box of gently worn clothing sent to me recently by my best friend’s mother, Joyce, I sucked in my breath. It was gorgeous, and I was in love at first sight. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear the piece ever since. Today, with temps only in the 40s and not a hint of sun or blue sky anywhere, was the day. With this amazing garment, I’d make my own sunshine.

Ember and Ekfie investigate the shoe box
A marvel of coppery olive denim finished in a stunning textured sheen by Flashback Couture with floral embroidery, crystal beads and sequin embellishments adorning the bodice and stand-up collar, I was tickled to be the lucky recipient of the stylish piece, which Joyce bought at a tiny boutique in Sandpoint, Idaho about three years ago.  I was eager to see how the vest looked with a full-length, wide-gore olive skirt from that I’ve owned for over a decade. I selected a simple black Danskins leotard to wear under the vest for warmth, and donned new Pink & Pepper mid-heeled booties by JRKanteen I bought recently to replace a beloved old pair which had finally worn out. I finished my outfit with a choker and matching earrings of olive and amber glass beads by Mixit from JCPenney, and added an olive and black Dea Dread hair comb by Thea Osato of Baltimore (

I was not the only one who found herself infatuated with my new couture. On the subway in Washington D.C. a woman told me how much she liked my vest, and when I stopped at the supermarket on the way home from work, an attractive lady stopped me in the aisle to compliment me on my outfit. When I handed her a card with a link to Lynell’s Vintage Look and invited her to take a peek at my blog, she replied that my vest was a work of art, adding that she is employed as an artist for the supermarket and would definitely be checking out my blog. 

It seems my "new" vest definitely brightened up the day!

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