Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Retro-Western Mash-up

I was at a loss for what to wear today, uncharacteristically without a single smudge of inspiration – from the season, from the weather, from the day of the week – nothing sought to spark my imagination as I gazed blankly at the clothes in my closet and pondered what to put with what. A cold front was colliding with a warmer system when I awoke, bringing morning rain and temperatures which would fall steadily throughout the day as the precipitation gave way to crisp, clear, and very chilly, skies.

Still, I just couldn’t get a plan together about what to wear, so I just threw something on. I wasn’t very happy with the result, but it was a serviceable outfit that got me through the day: modern beige Calvin Klein slacks with a vintage dark blue denim Stubbs Collection men’s long-sleeved shirt I bought in Texas when I lived there in the 1990s, over which I donned an equally vintage black satin vest covered in an unusual color combination of beige, brown, orange and navy paisley dotted with pearls. I added a sliver fashion ring with a blue lapis stone that was a gift from my best friend’s mother, Joyce last year, silver concho earrings with blue stone accents, and a bracelet watch of silver concho-style disks.

With black, almond-toed, platform Cami booties from Speigel.com on my feet and a beige and black Dea Dread by Theo Osato of Baltimore (http://deadreads.etsy.com) in my hair, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t particularly pleased by the resulting ensemble, but didn’t have the time or desire to play around with alternative wardrobe choices. I suppose everybody has days like this. But I have been so enthused by the vintage clothing I unearthed in my basement last year that I never dreamed I would lack incentive for putting something fabulous together.

So we’ll just call this my retro-western mash-up day!

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