Friday, October 26, 2012

The Tweeds Have It

As the lucky recipient of a brand new "care package" of gently used clothing from my best friend’s mother, Joyce, I couldn’t wait to put an outfit together around a pair of gray tweed Savanna 1114 tailored shorts that were tucked into the box with several other exciting vintage pieces which I'll be bringing to you in the next few weeks. The moment I saw the dapper wool in the carton, I knew I wanted to pair it with a crisp black cotton Worthington blouse with contrasting white collar and turn-back cuffs I bought at JCPenney at least ten years ago. I threaded a vintage black leather belt from Target through the pant loops and tied a mixed-metal pendant on a black cord from my summer trip to Ireland around my neck.

With mixed-metal earrings and a black and gold seashell fashion ring rounding out the jewelry quotient, I turned my attention to footwear. Boots or pumps? I decided while the outfit would be adorable with boots, there will be plenty of days in the months ahead when it will be so cold and raw that boots will be my only option, so why not bare a little leg while it’s still warm enough to do so? I pulled on a pair of my favorite black Total Support pantyhose by JCPenney, a staple of mine for over 30 years because they are easy to wear, last forever with care and make my legs feel fabulous all day long, and added my most comfy platform pumps by Call It Spring, also from JCPenney.

Since the forecast called for breezy temps in the mid-60s, I knew it would be a perfect autumn day for my "new" abbreviated trousers. I was right!

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