Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Royal Blues

I am generally not a fan of sweaters because I'm always very warm and therefore find myself carrying them around with me more than actually wearing them. But today was a brisk fall-like day and I was eager to try out a beautiful sweater that was in a box of hand-me-down clothes sent to me at the beginning of summer by my best friend’s mother, Joyce, in Spokane. This tunic-length cardigan by Charter Club is a beauty, in solid royal blue with blue, black and white detailing at the rounded neckline and three large black buttons down the front. With its unusual short sleeves and open waist, it is a cooler version of a traditional jumper and, so, kept me from being uncomfortably toasty on this cool but sunshiny day.

I paired the top with a blue ribbed tank by St. John’s Bay underneath just in case I got too warm for a thick knit during my day of research at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and added basic black leggings by Cherokee for Target. I selected black booties by Lower East Side with scalloped-edge trim and cute little bows, and added a royal blue Dea Dread to my hair by Thea Osato of Baltimore (, a silver-metal stretch bracelet from Claire’s and diamond and sapphire earrings from Zale’s that were a birthday gift from my best friend, Kari, last September (sapphire is my birthstone).

Stepping out into the crisp air this morning felt just right in my indigo sweater. The mid-September sky was a brilliant hue – a perfect match for my royal tunic.

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