Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Graphic Orange

Wanting to wear white this week, the final official week of summer, I searched through my closet for a suitable pairing and found this, a vibrant viscose top with a deep crossover neckline in a bold orange pattern on white by Gallery which I bought in Ireland last month when my suitcase failed to make the overseas journey at the same time I did, leaving me without a change of clothes for three days. To their credit, Aer Lingus reimbursed me handsomely for the expenses I incurred while awaiting my lost luggage, and delivered the suitcase promptly to my hotel when it was finally located. And… I got this nifty graphic top out of the deal as a memento of an otherwise fabulous vacation.

Today I paired the shirt with a pair of bright white Levi’s Perfectly Slimming 512 bootcut jeans which I found on sale for $12 at Macy’s at the beginning of summer, and added a pair of low-heeled gladiator sandals by Olsenboye which I also bought at Macy’s, albeit several years ago. From my jewelry box I plucked some funky 1970s earrings of white beads on long chains that I’ve owned since I was a teenager and put them together with a necklace of bold resin squares wrapped in gold chains that was a gift last Christmas from my dear friend and manicurist, Nini Pham, owner of my favorite Nail Splash hand and foot spa in Owings Mills, Maryland (410-902-5888). With the addition of a beaded bracelet I found in a Hampden, Baltimore boutique a couple of years ago, I set out to take on a brilliant day wearing the brilliant colors of summer!

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