Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bringing Cheery To Dreary

This gray, dismal, rainy Tuesday didn’t prevent me from donning a crisp white, pleated skirt by Michele, which was in a box of delightful hand-me-downs sent to me recently by my best friend’s mother, Joyce. For a top, I chose another treasure from the box, a pretty scoop-neck Tee with three-quarter length sleeves and pink and gray swirls sprinkled with crystals across the front by One World. Over the Tee I layered a gorgeous vest of pink lace, also from the collection of "do-overs", as Joyce refers to them, and finished the look with a stretchy pink belt that was tucked into that wonderful care package from "home".

Indeed, the only parts of my outfit that were not gifts from Joyce were my shoes: strappy white platform sandals with cork heels by City Streets for JCPenney, and my jewelry, a twisted pink pearl necklace and matching bracelet from the gift shop at Henry duPont’s grand Winterthur estate in Delaware, and pink pearl chandelier earrings that belonged to my grandmother.

My summery look made me feel oh, so feminine and, apparently, was appealing to others, as well. As I heated my lunch in the cafeteria at the Library of Congress today, a bearded member of the Library staff commented, as he passed by on the way to a table of coworkers, "you always wear such fabulous stuff". It would seem my attire moves even cerebral librarians to evoke a passion for fashion!

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  1. You do 'always wear fabulous stuff'. You decorate your world, and give the rest of us something wonderful about which to dream, inspire and remember. Thank you!