Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Python Panache

One of the benefits of shedding 70 pounds last year was that a few of the tops I used to wear, which barely fit over my former 190-pound girth, now serve duty in my wardrobe as comfortable tunics I can wear over leggings. So it is with the blouse I wore today – a polyester/spandex pullover by Elementz in a brown and beige snakeskin pattern. I paired the tunic with brown leggings by HUE from Macy’s and cinched it with a wide leather belt from Chico’s. Chic brown booties by Cami from Spiegel.com and a chandelier necklace and earrings of amber glass beads from Fire & Ice Jewelers of Baltimore (http://www.fireandice.com/) completed today’s look.

As the snake moults his old skin once he outgrows it, so I have shed my former, obese, self. Today’s outfit was an ode to the metamorphosis that transpired when I slithered out of my former persona as a "middle-aged fat broad" and emerged as a slim, fit, energy-filled and extremely happy "young" woman.

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  1. Love the outfit and kudos 2 you 4 losing all that weight. This darling pic belongs on the cover of Vogue!