Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/7/12 -- All About Brown

This time of year there’s not a leaf on a tree, not a flower in bloom, and not a groundhog in sight. Like Punxsutawney Phil, all the groundhogs are hibernating, as well they should be.

As it is one of my very favorite colors, I wanted to be "brown like the winter earth" today, so I pulled on some brown cotton leggings by HUE for Macy’s, a brown ribbed-knit cross-collar sweater by Worthington for JCPenney that I’ve owned for decades (I have the sweater in black and in teal, as well), a brown leather belt with gold embossing from Chico’s, and some cute faux-fur lined high-heeled lace-up boots with brass grommets that were an inexpensive impulse-buy at Burlington Coat Factory a couple of years ago.

To spice up all that brown a little, I chose my favorite hand painted Russian horse pendant necklace and matching citrine and smoky topaz earrings from Fire & Ice Jewelers in Baltimore (, and a brown-beaded fashion ring I picked up at Pier One Imports in December.

My trip to the Library of Congress was sunny and relatively warm for early February, no harbinger of the snow forecast for the following day. I was glad I had dressed comfortably for the commute, however, as on my return trip, a subway train ahead of mine derailed in an area where the trains were "single-tracking" due to ongoing repairs, and I subsequently found myself trapped aboard a very crowded subway car for over an hour while maintenance crews attempted to right the derailed train, lift it off the tracks, and then check the area for debris and damage before signaling our train to resume its voyage.

It’s all in a day’s work, you know.

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