Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Purple Passion

Here is the first in a series of three posts featuring plaid pants by Inclinations for JCPenney that I bought decades ago when I worked for them in northern California. It has long been my habit to buy a garment in several colors when I find something that fits me well, is versatile and that I find visually appealing. I have done that with shoes (I bought nine pairs of platform sandals once – one in every color the manufacturer made – when I lived in Dallas, Texas, and then gave them all away when I gained weight a few years ago, which I will always regret having done), and also with these slacks.

Today I wore the purple ones – a rich blue-purple – and topped them with a simple black angora sweater that was a gift from my mother long ago. Beneath the angora I wore my purple Baltimore Ravens football jersey, a gift from my gym, Merritt Athletic Club (http://merrittclubs.com/). Besides providing an extra layer of warmth on this pale January day, the long-sleeved jersey happens to be the same shade of purple as the slacks – and I don’t have much to wear in that particular hue.

I dug an old pair of purple metal earrings out of my vintage jewelry collection, and paired them with a beaded purple cuff bracelet and a black beaded tassel necklace, both gifts from my dear friend Judy of Dallas. I completed the look with scallop-trimmed black leather booties by Lower East Side, and a fun ring of purple and gold beads that I picked up on a trip to Las Vegas last May. For added warmth I donned a purple knit scarf and matching knit gloves that, unbelievably, I found abandoned on the side of a road many years ago.

I own these pretty plaid slacks in two other colors. Stay tuned for the outfits I put together around those!

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