Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elf Delivery System

It has long been a tradition of mine to make gallons of my homemade "Hearty Mustard Vinaigrette" to give as gifts on the Yuletide. And so it was again this year, as I funneled my beloved secret recipe into pretty glass jars fastened with fancy gold labels, and tucked each bottle into a customized gift bag. Packed tightly into a cardboard box, the bottles of vinaigrette jingled merrily as I made the rounds today, bestowing my salad dressing, like so much frankincense and myrrh, upon those in my neighborhood and social circle whose friendship I cherish deeply.

Feeling as giddy as if I had been appointed by the big guy himself to distribute goods near and far, I chose something especially festive to wear on this sunny, chilly Christmas Eve, pulling on one of my favorite vintage holiday sweaters, a bright red knit tunic by Theme Works for Kikit, featuring glittery embroidered poinsettias across the front and gold beads detailing the cowl neck, sleeves and hemline. Where I normally would have worn this bright tunic over simple black leggings, today I felt like going for total holiday bling, so I dug out some vintage red Tightlets by Footlets stockings with silver threaded stripes woven from Helanca yarn that had been hidden in one of the boxes of old clothes from the 1970s I unearthed from my cellar earlier this year.  Amazingly, they still fit me perfectly, and even more remarkably, the elastic was not rotten. Glittery red tights a bit over the top? Oh, YES!!

No self-respecting delivery elf would finish such a cheery outfit with staid footwear, so I donned a pair of red leather boots that I bought in California almost forty years ago, and tossed on a pair of gold jingle-bell earrings tied with little red fabric bows, my favorite gold-toned bracelet watch from Chico’s, a cocktail ring of tiny gold balls, and a new black and gold glittery hair dread custom made for me by Thea Osato of Baltimore (  No need for Rudolph’s bright nose to lead the way as I made my rounds!  Santa would be proud.

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