Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Post No. 20 -- Buffalo Plaid

Today dawned gray and chilly, but I was hot to celebrate because my bathroom scale said I weighed only 114.8 pounds, meaning I could finally fit into my skinny, skinny jeans! Original Levi’s from the 1970s, these straight-leg beauties boast an old-fashioned button-down fly and are in mint condition, just like new. Last week I struggled so hard to get them on that I gave up and wore something else. Today they slipped on with room to spare. Yippee!

I decided to pair the blue jeans with a thick cotton flannel shirt in a sporty black and white buffalo plaid which I ordered from Newport News, Avon’s fashion line, at least seven or eight years ago. I made my bolo tie long ago when I lived in Texas by pairing a classic black string tie with a charcoal crystal coat pin that had belonged to my grandmother. The silver metal multi-chain choker necklace belonged to my mom, and my charcoal crystal belt was a recent purchase from The Limited. I found the silver and onyx bracelet in Puerto Vallarta in 1998 and the silver and gold-toned stretch watch is from My black platform Marc Fisher loafers are from Macy’s, and my blue and black fabric hair accessory is a custom made "Dea Dread" by Thea Osato of Baltimore ( I finished the outfit with my grandmother’s black cotton scarf covered with sprays of embroidered white Lily of the Valley to soften all that graphic plaid a little.
What a wonderful day!

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